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A Cosplay Experience by Naomi Chan

Posted by Wigafashion on

1.What inspire you to start your cosplay journey?

I'm not a Cosplayer, only an alternative model and make up lover. I wish to play some Cosplays soon. Dollfies is a character that inspired me.

2.How your friend and family think of your cosplay interest?

Again, I'm not a cosplayer, but not a normal person either. Anyway, they don’t have negative perception of me. These kind of things are always allowed in my house, and I’m a different kind of person, a creative one.

3.What is the difficulties you’ve faced while cosplaying?

Almost all the things I need for cosplaying, are coming from other countries through online shopping. The shipping cost are too expensive and need have wait too many days to received it. In short: The money.

4.What’s the best moment you’ve ever experienced while cosplaying?

Found out more people like me in my city! We get to share our experience, together.

5.In your opinion, how much further could you go forward for cosplaying?

Doing more Cosplay or Photoshoot. Maybe like forever.

6.How important is a wig in your cosplay and how it affect your overall cosplay experience.

Wig is one of the most important thing, to complete the whole Cosplay, or any Fantasy character. In the case the character don't have the same hair style like mine. Anyway, I'm a wig lover!

Thank you


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