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Review A Wiga Wig For A REWARD

Have you take home any of our wigs? We have a special deal for you!

Since you already have the Wiga Wig, you certainly able to tell us your experience of wearing it. So how do you love it: the color, volume, softness, etc?

Just give your feedback in our Facebook page and you may be REWARDED!


  1. Snap a high quality photo of you wearing the wiga wig that you have purchased from us.
  2. Prepare a write-up of your review of the wig
    2. The Name of your wig
    3. Then Rate it from ONE to FIVE stars.
    4. Title of the review (example: Awesome wig value!)
    5. Content of your review (example: It’s really affordable, yet the quality was way above this pricing! Anyway, it comes with a bunch of free goodies too!)
  3. Post the Photo and the review on our Facebook page, and it’s done! Wait for our announcement in our facebook page, on the selected winners!

Example Post:

review post

Terms & Conditions Apply

  1. Wigaholics will select ONE random winner and ONE winner with best photo, both based on our discretion. In total we will have TWO winners for the entire campaign.
  2. The campaign will run from March 22nd, 12pm (GMT +8) to 29th (World Time).
  3. Participant who do not follow the complete steps of participation as specified above, will be disqualified.
  4. We will post your review and photo(s)on the wigs webpage (example:, on behalf of you (with your selected avatar/real name).
  5. By participating, you are deemed as agreed to have your review and photo(s) to be posted on our website.
  6. Each winners will get ONE random wig, ONE wig cap, ONE stainless steel brush, ONE wig stand, and ONE set of Bobby pins- completely FREE.
  7. Delivery fee is borne by Wigaholics, excluding any relevant custom/import fee if applicable.
  8. Wigaholics reserves the right to change, amend, delete or add the terms & conditions without prior notice at any given time.

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