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A Cosplay Experience by Mara Buur

Posted by Wigafashion on

1. What inspire you to start your cosplay journey?

I'm not a cosplayer, but do create fantasy outfits and looks for festivals and modeling jobs. I don't recreate existing characters, hence why I wouldn't want to call it cosplay, all of my fantasy looks come straight out of my creativity! My creativity and interest for mythology, certain types of music and the whole fantasy world is what inspires me to create art through my looks.

2. How your friend and family think of your cosplay interest?

My friends join me to these fantasy-festivals and my mom has helped me out before, everyone loves it!

3. What is the difficulties you’ve faced while cosplaying?

I don't know, to be honest. I truly enjoy to create artsy fantasy looks and I guess I have no time to notice anyones negativity about it, haha.

4. What’s the best moment you’ve ever experienced while cosplaying?

People recognize me at these events and it's always such an amazing experience when people tell me I inspire them!

5. How important is a wig in your cosplay and how it affect your overall cosplay experience.

The wig I got from you is actually the only wig I own. I love how it changes up my look! I have real dreads, and attach fake dread-extensions to these to create many different hairstyles, and it was fun to have straight hair for once! I felt fabulous. :) I am planning to wear it in my dark elf look for the Elf Fantasy Fair in April, it's gonna be great!

Thank you


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