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Cosplay Experience By Penny Lane

Posted by Wigafashion on

Wiga Cosplayer - Penny

Wigafashion: What inspire you to start your cosplay journey?

Meririn: The fact of wanting to become my favorite characters and I identify the most is what inspire me the most in my cosplay journey.

Wigafashion: How your friend and family think of your cosplay interest?

Meririn: I have friends with the same interest in cosplay and it's so nice, my family is okay with my costumes and wigs, and I have their support to continue with my hobby so they are my pillar of strength behind this interest.

Wigafashion: What is the difficulties you’ve faced while cosplaying?

Meririn: Trying to get the costumes and wigs for the characters, especially with some costumes with many details or specific and crazy wigs as it will require a lot of modification and effort in creating that perfect details.

Wig in Cosplay
Wigafashion Penny

Penny: I think it's a crucial part in cosplay, you can make the difference between an excellent character and an incomplete characterization. An imcomplete characterization just doesn't portray that character at the best it should.

Wigafashion: In your opinion, how much further could you go forward for cosplaying?

Penny: There is no reason for me to stop going forward at the moment as I'm enjoying what I'm doing. I will only stop when the times has come.

Wig Experience
Wigafashion Penny

Penny: Making friends and doing photo shoots. Also when at a convention of comics people recognize your character and asks for a picture with them, they are very funny moments which makes me appreciate each moment even more..

Wig Experience
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