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A Cosplay Experience by Cassandra Cole

Posted by Wigafashion on

1.What inspire you to start your cosplay journey?

I started to cosplay randomly one day. I just decided that it looked fun and gave it go. After that I just couldn't stop haha.

2.How your friend and family think of your cosplay interest?

My friends and family are very supportive! I have made hundreds of friends through this hobby and its something I wouldn't trade it for the world.

3.What is the difficulties you’ve faced while cosplaying?

Cosplay is expensive, but totally worth it. I've also struggled a lot with public judgement. The hobby is a little bit weird to some, but I don't let it get to me.

4.What’s the best moment you’ve ever experienced while cosplaying?

The best moments while cosplaying are always meeting my friends! It's amazing who you'll meet because of a hobby.

5.In your opinion, how much further could you go forward for cosplaying?

I plan on cosplaying for as long as I can! I'll probably be cosplaying until I'm elderly.

6.How important is a wig in your cosplay and how it affect your overall cosplay experience.

Wigs are VERY important. I always make sure to invest in good quality wigs because I feel like it will really make the cosplay come to life.


We heard from Cassandra about her cosplay experience. How about yours? Do tell us about it, you can just drop us a message or just write it on our Facebook page!

We cosplayer, are one big family, let's share our thoughts and experiences.

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