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A Cosplay Experience By Thelema Therion

Posted by Wigafashion on

Wiga Cosplayer -Thelema Therion


  1. What inspire you to start your cosplay journey?
  2. For me it was all about celebrating my favorite characters while exploring my creativity and making new friends around my country. I'm happy to say I achieved all of them!

  3. How your friend and family think of your cosplay interest?
  4. They are all very supportive of my cosplay hobby. They always respect my creations and photos, and sometimes they share them with their friends. I think they are all very proud of me, especially in my family.

  1. What is the difficulties you’ve faced while cosplaying?
  2. I faced two: money and time. I started as a student, I used to have very tough headlines and lacked money to make my costumes with the quality I desire. Nowadays I'm struggling against time, since it takes me a lot just to finish one piece of the costume. I'll try to be faster with my creations in the future, I promise!

  3. What’s the best moment you’ve ever experienced while cosplaying?
  4. I have not just one, but many of them: the moments I shared with the amazing friends I met thanks to this hobby. Everytime I'm feeling down, I just need to think about them and the laughter and fun we had together, and that always cheers me up.

Wiga Cosplayer -Thelema Therion
Wiga Cosplayer -Thelema Therion
  1. In your opinion, how much further could you go forward for cosplaying?
  2. My goal right now is to improve my sewing technique to the max. I'm planning about making costumes not just for cosplay, but also as a costume designer. I enjoy designing my own creations, and now I want to take a step further and make them.

  3. How important is a wig in your cosplay and how it affect your overall cosplay experience?
  4. The wig is one of the key parts of the costume. It reflects the amount of love and thoughtfulness you put into your cosplay. For me, it needs to be perfect for the costume, but also I need to feel flattered and comfortable in it! Lately I've been trying new "lace-front" wigs too, and I adore them.

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